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Extra Ordinary

Third Place - Florida Southern College Senior Graphic Design Thesis Exhibition

In Fall 2014, I began my journey with my senior thesis design project. Our only instruction was to create a brand from the ground up. Logo design, brand book making, even product design all culminated in a final presentation in front of our instructors and peers. Additionally, we were to have a section of gallery space to design into an example of a trade show booth or storefront. You can see images of sample material of my brand below or click here to view my brand book.

Brand Mission Statement:

Extra Ordinary is a superhero rental kiosk company. We provide temporary superpowers through patches, which are dispensed through a type of vending machine. At Extra Ordinary, we strive to show that our customers are perfectly ordinary, but with our help, they can be just a little extra. Our powers aren’t your basic flight, invisibility, or x-ray vision; they make our users just a little more than ordinary. We bring one-time use, temporary superpowers to the everyman. In order to make our customers feel even more ”extra”, our kiosks are located at undisclosed locations, which change regularly. This allows our company to be under the radar and give our customers the feeling that they are being let in on a secret.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy using our product and continue to return to us time and time again for all your routine-breaking needs.

vector illustrations-logo
vector illustrations-1
Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.46.11 PM
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Extra Ordinary Poster
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